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1) Here's our Program Reviews on BBB


2) Mandatory - this breaks down our ELITE program.  You will want to see this for the call to make sense.

3) here's a ton of videos from students of our programs.
Some are interviews, some are simply our students in front of their computers.

We've compiled a huge list of these over the years, be sure you scroll through them all and check them out, we want you to hear it from THEM not from us. We aren't that cool, but our students are!
Make sure you scroll on the right of this video box, there are 30+ videos! ⤵️⤵️
Make sure you scroll on the right of this video box, there are 30+ videos!
4) Now that you've heard from our Students... what about Nine University in the Media?
Here are snippets from media outlets, both small, national, and worldwide, that Nine U has been featured in.
"Founders of Nine University, which trains buyers and sellers how to navigate Amazon’s Fulfilled-By-Amazon (FBA) program."
In our most recent feature, we were included in a write-up showcasing the rapid rise of Amazons fashion market share. "Amazon quietly became the nation’s leading apparel retailer, topping $30 billion in sales, according to estimates by Wells Fargo and seconded by Morgan Stanley. "
"How Selling through Amazon FBA Can Help Your Business"
At 25-years-old, Kale Abrahamson, who dedicated most of his life to basketball, ended his career as a Division 1 college basketball player to start his Fulfillment by Amazon FBA venture.
Despite his lack of business acumen, Kale was able to achieve tremendous success through the FBA program.
"Living proof that entrepreneurial success doesn't have to be a pipe dream."
Via Markets Insider our VIP consulting program "KT VIP" was highlighted. The article compares us to other industry leading programs and explains how our regular DAILY Livestreams and hundreds of training videos sets us apart from the crowd.
“At Nine University, we only take on students who have..."
We were recently featured in Home Business Magazine with an Article Titled "How This Company Offering Consulting for Amazon Home Business Owners Ended Up with Hundreds of Successful Clients Globally and 130 Employees."null
"Entrepreneurship can be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do."
Kale Abrahamson, Co-founder of Nine University details: "3 Things I Learned from Starting My Own Business ". Some of the things Kale says in this article goes against what the average person on the street may tell you... but it allowed Nine University to grow to where it is today.
100's of 5 Star Reviews + Certified Accreditation by the #1 Most Respected Platform
We reached out to get accredited by the BBB to prove to our students that we're operating a business that you can trust, all the way to the most respected business monitoring platform in the world. 
We've been featured in DOZENS of publications. 
 Want to check them all out?
5) Great, so we've been in the media, but who is actually running this company? What's their story?
Kale's Story
While working as a business consultant at Duquesne University, Kale started his own Amazon company, and quickly scaled it to $20,000 per month in revenue.

Inspired by the sales figures, Taylor Hiott came on board as a partner, and the rest as they say, is history.

Kale and Taylor scaled their Amazon business beyond $80,000/mth, and eventually gave in to the dozens of requests every day on Facebook to “teach them Amazon”.

Nine University started as a simple video “instruction manual” for Amazon sellers.

Today, it generates tens of millions in revenue for its clients and has grown to 130 employees and contractors.

Today, Kale is relentlessly focused on the vision of Nine University - “To grow an army of successful online entrepreneurs that can change the world, by building the most trusted online training platform on Planet Earth”.

He believes that if a basketball player like him can start multiple successful businesses, that anyone with the right coaching and work ethic should be given the tools to do the same.
Taylor's Story
Taylor met Kale through their church - and from there finally did what he had been wanting to do since he was a small child - build a sustainable business of his own that could support his family.

 After joining forces with Kale, the business grew - in an unprecedented way which lead them both to start several more businesses.

The combination of relentless work ethic and drive to succeed that both Kale and Taylor share made them a force to be reckoned with!

Through the Amazon FBA platform, Taylor was soon able to quit his full time job just months after getting into business with Kale and became his own boss.

Now his wife, his son and himself all live in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA. Taylor enjoys traveling with his family, public speaking and is currently working on his first book.

The greatest gift he’s ever gotten was his son and is ecstatic about the opportunities that his son will have growing up due to the Amazon FBA opportunity and what it has done in his life.
6) All of that is great, but what about Amazon itself?
The first question people normally ask is... "How many average people like me are making money on Amazon?"
...and the answer may shock you! As of 2020 - about 58% of GROSS MERCHANDISE SALES were made by Independent 3rd Party Sellers. Most of which being small and medium size business owners.

Amazon Percent Of Gross Volume By Third Party Sellers

As of 2020, 200,000+ sellers are making over $100,000 with Amazon FBA!
The answer to the next most popular question is for me personally... the most astonishing of all!

Picture for just a moment, the Staples Center in LA, FILLED with people. That's 20,000 people packed into a single building. 

Now one more time... picture that same building 10 TIMES OVER... 

When we hear "But how many people are making BIG money with Amazon FBA?" we always point to this figure released by Amazon themselves in their shareholders letter.

Number Of Amazon Sellers With Over $100,000 in Sales

There's so many ways Amazon FBA is crushing we could literally talk about it all day (and we do...), but if you want the full scoop we compiled a list of all of the top Amazon FBA stats below.
7) What about our best students? Who are these people??

Schrone Hardeman

Schrone Hardeman

“Whenever I had a question, it was answered within 5 minutes from somebody who did it before me or is going through it right now and just discovered the answer.  I think that’s the most valuable part of the program is having that community there ready to help and ready to see you succeed. 

You guys gave me so much valuable information and I just applied it right then and there, instantaneously.  I’ve never seen a group that has had so much customer service for the people that they provide to.

It’s not a lottery.  It’s an actual business that these people are teaching you how to run.  They give you the tools that you need to start your own business and work hard for profits.  The way you give information and the way you have it set up is A to Z. It all depends on how bad you want it.”

Adam Dang

"I tried Amazon FBA before. I was learning from free videos on youtube. It was extremely hard and I ended up losing about 4000$. I knew I needed guidance so I started learning from KT as a VIP student.
In my 4th month of selling I was able to do over $20k in sales. Kale and Taylor have laid it out step by step and made it super easy to understand. I couldn't have done it without them thank you so much!!”

Dylan Shively

“Honestly speaking, the only regret that I have about this entire thing is that I didn’t start from the first time I saw the video. I’m mad I waited those 30 days. Because we know where things are now and I can only imagine if I had those additional 30 days under my belt, what would’ve happened?”

I was just following along the videos and learning, because previous to this, I had zero idea that somebody like me could, like, be friends and make a partnership with a manufacturer, and I can put a label on it and trademark it, patent stuff and sell stuff and people would buy stuff from on something as big as Amazon!

To invest into a real business, it took real big boy money. When I looked into this and every single video is put into extreme detail and it’s screenshared, that I can literally say, ok, watching the video on my phone, he’s going here and he clicked this, and I’m on my laptop and I’m looking and I’m like OH, it’s right there! *click*, it did what his did! That is such a major key for somebody who has zero knowledge”

Bobby Pullen

“I see Amazon on Cyber Monday broke its own record in the whole world. If I could have a sliver of that, I would love a sliver of that. FBA gives you the ability to reach a market that’s immense.
The community is incredible. The fact that we have a community of people in this group that are like family, its starts at the top. You guys stress family and you love us and you love your family and that’s evident. So this is a great group, great family, they support each other.

Real genuine, real authentic. Real helpful is a simplistic word to use, but the knowledge is top notch.

Whenever I had a question, it was answered within 5 minutes from somebody who did it before me or is going through it right now and just discovered the answer. I think that’s the most valuable part of the program is having that community there ready to help and ready to see you succeed.”

Patrick Burrows

“I currently live in Reno, NV as a legal assistant and just started my Amazon Business about 3 months ago. I played College Baseball at Mendocino College and have my Associates degree in Entrepreneurship. I love finding ways to make money in the non-traditional way, and my goal is to create multiple streams of income for my family. I also enjoy helping people and anything outdoors! I’m getting Married in July 2020 and one of my goals to Scale my Amazon business so I can give my Fiancé the wedding and honeymoon of her dreams!”

Kylee Kohler

"Wanted to share some INCREDIBLE news with you and give mad props to Kale Abrahamson and Taylor 

We seriously made $11,613 gross in the last 3 days ! Beyond excited and so grateful to KTnine - words can’t describe how thrilled we are!" 

Michael Vail

"NineU has taught me how to not only start my own business but how to make it successful by selling not only on amazon but in stores locally. It has opened a brand new way of life for me and I am so excited for what lies ahead. "

Kyle Stephens

“Nine U was phenomenal when it first came out and it still is.  It’s a great program. Anybody that’s looking to get into it, Nine U has everything that you need!
Knowledge is power.  There is a reason youtube is free.  People think they can get all the info they need just by researching on youtube.  People think Amazon FBA is a scam. Guys, is Amazon a scam? It’s a trillion dollar company.”

Brian Snoddy

“When you sign up for Nine University, the first thing that you’re going to see is the community, the Facebook community.  It’s one of a kind. You’re not going to find that kind of help anywhere else.  

You go in there and you can post your success and everybody is supportive and if you’re having a problem, everyone is going to get in there and help you out.  It’s really great.

You’ve got everything that you need in this wonderful community of Nine University.”

Heather Nelson Wright

"With the education I have gained, I was able to start an Amazon FBA business. I've learned
how to find viable products, how to source products, create a brand and get the product to
Amazon to begin sells."

Maddy Gamble

One of our favorite young Entrepreneurs - Maddy was able to scale her AMZ business to 15k/mth.

Vic Dasilva

Vic, now a member of our team, joined the program and scaled his business to 22k/mth.

We didn't want this page to be 500 feet long... but there are plenty more clients to check out at the link below!
8) Please STUDY this page.  There is a ton of valuable information from a variety of sources, we're excited for you to get to know us, and vice versa!

Your call is coming up soon! We are so excited to speak with you!! Here's a few things that will make the call awesome.

- Confirm the time!!  It's really hard to show up for a strategy session if you don't know what time it's happening! :)  Someone will be reaching out to confirm, save their number!

- Be prepared to have fun and take notes!  Let's make the most of this session!  If you have something to jot a few notes down on that will help, and the biggest thing is that you show up ready to rock and roll and have a blast with energy!

9) A 2 Minute Read on Why NOW is the BEST time to start an Amazon FBA Business
(Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020)

1st, and most importantly, many of our clients are experiencing record sales numbers during this time…. 

Jessica had over $1,000 in sales without even paying for advertising….

Evaldas “doesn’t know why” but sold so much he almost sold out!

Schrone had his highest day of sales for the entire year…

He also did 32k right during the height of the pandemic….

Cory did 17k in the same time frame (worst time for Covid-19)

There’s a dozen more above on our wall of fame…..

But this one makes us the HAPPIEST OF THEM ALL…
Seriously please stop and read this caption…

Isn’t that incredible??? It’s the perfect example of using Amazon as a PANDEMIC PROOF source of income, even when all other businesses are shutting their doors. The fact that we were able to help Aaron during these times is one of our proudest moments as a company.

Okay, so what about the effect of all of this on Amazon itself??

Isn’t it going to hurt things? In short… NO, Amazon is benefiting immensely from all of this. (which means sellers like us are benefiting as well, as we make up MORE than 50% of Amazon’s sales)

First and foremost, the simplest way to show that Amazon is GROWING and DOMINATING during all of this is the fact that they hired 100,000 people in 4 weeks, and even THAT wasn’t enough, so they hired 75,000 MORE….

More people are picking up the Amazon app and subscribing to Prime than ever before… and the thing is… those people are going to continue to use the service once this is over….

The markets have realized this is true as well…

And Jeff got a lot richer because of it….

It’s honestly kind of CRAZY how much this is benefiting Amazon…

Most professionals agree, this surge in demand will stick around long after this pandemic is over…

Taylor and Kale haven’t been able to gather at the office for a month or so… but here’s a video they made predicting all of this right at the outset of the pandemic…

For a while there, Amazon restricted shipping items that weren’t ESSENTIAL…
Thankfully, it has already calmed down, and our client’s products are being accepted at the warehouses and selling great :)

All in all, while this crisis has been absolutely terrible for most businesses around the World… Amazon, and the millions of successful sellers that power it, are gladly accepting all the extra customers, sales, revenues, and profits...


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