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How to make $50,000 per month selling on Amazon FBA - Question & Answer with Joseph and Kylee
Written by Kale Abrahamson on Feb. 8th 2019
Joseph and Kylee started working with me nearly 2 years ago when I was a business consultant at Duquesne University. Fast forward to now and they are doing nearly $50,000 a month profit on 2 products. 

How did they get there?

Honestly, it was a process! 

They walked into my office with zero knowledge about Amazon FBA.  While they were fast learners, I hadn't realized to that point exactly how many different steps were involved in the whole process.

When I set up my own business, I breezed through everything at warp speed (classic Kale style).  I expedited everything and figured I would "learn from my mistakes".

As many of you know, that was a horrible idea, and while it ended up giving me the ability to teach others what NOT to do, I realized that I couldn't lead these two at the same breakneck pace that I had gone for.

I slowed myself down and broke it down, step by step.

This is actually what eventually gave me the inspiration for Nine University, because I saw Seth and Kylee start a business THE RIGHT WAY, the first time.

Sure, it wasn't set up in a week, but it was set up RIGHT. 

In fact, we ended up automating so much of their day to day processes that it became a super passive business for both of them. 

When they walked into the office recently to film this video, Joseph said, "Kale, can you take a look at my PPC campaigns?"  Of course, I agreed.

The second I opened them I knew...

"You haven't touched these since the last time we met have you... (nearly 9 months ago)."

"Nope" he said.

The campaigns had systematically scaled his business from zero to $50,000 per month with zero input on his part. 

That's what I call passive income!!

Kale Abrahamson

Kale helps people start and grow successful Amazon Businesses.  He is an expert at helping people get their business started and making money quickly and efficiently.
If you're interested in starting your own Amazon FBA Business or scaling up and growing past 6 figures then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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