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How Nick Makes $134,523 a MONTH 💸 Amazon FBA Success Story [2019]
Written by Taylor Hiott on February 1, 2019
So how did he do it?  The 135k man?!

It was pretty simple, honestly. 

Nick came to us when he was already selling on Amazon, doing about 20k per month in revenue. 

The catch?!

He was making zero profit... 

All of his money was eaten up by fees, advertising costs, and mistakes along the way. 

He actually waited 3 months (because he was skeptical) before joining our Nine University KT V.I.P. program. 

He was actually really mad about that decision, he sent us this,

"If I were to have purchased KT 9 from the get, I would have up in running in 1 month instead of 4 months, that means I WASTED 3 MONTHS NOT SELLING. You remember i said I make 50k a month right? That 50k a month x3…. $150,000 dollars I miss out on..."

Unfortunate that he missed out on those type of profits, but at least he's there now!

So how did we scale him to such a level?

When we started working 1 on 1 with him, we started with two things.

1) Increase his review count.

We got him from 20 4 star reviews to 100+ 4.5 Star Reviews in a matter of weeks with one simple hack.

This alone doubled his sales from 20k to 40k.

2) Optimize his advertising.

This was the big ticket...

We needed to make sure all the money he was spending to put his product in front of people's eyes was PROFITABLE.

We fixed this and automated it, which allowed him to scale to 135k per month.

How much PROFIT is that, you ask?

About 50-60k, cash, in the bank, every single month. 

It's a crazy success story.

It sounds like a lie even as I type this.

But it ISN'T.

Nick is now sourcing his second product, we fully expect him to be at the 200k level within a month or two!

7 figures or bust!

Taylor Hiott

Taylor helps people start and grow successful Amazon Businesses. He is an expert at helping people get their business started and making money quickly and efficiently.
If you're interested in starting your own Amazon FBA Business or scaling up and growing past 6 figures then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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