Written by Kale Abrahamson on January 30th, 2019
Kyle is an incredible human being. 

His energy is simply infectious. 

Even cooler than that, he's had quick success on Amazon FBA where other's haven't. 

Clearly, he is a big fan of what we are doing here at Nine University, but what he is saying holds true for anyone who wants to learn how to make money online, fast. 

Honestly, the Amazon FBA Business model is simple.

You get a product that is good ✔️

You make that product LOOK good by optimizing your listing with awesome copy and photos ✔️

You get social proof ✔️

And boom.  If you are in a good market, you MAKE MONEY.

It really is one of the simplest, easiest, most straight forward ways to make money online today. 

That's why we are so dedicated to making sure people do it RIGHT when they enroll in Nine University.

Clearly, Kyle had quick success because he followed a formula that had already been laid out before him.

It's not like he started an Amazon FBA Business, just woke up one morning, and was great at it. 

No, he invested in KNOWLEDGE first, which allowed him to ride on the back of other people's mistakes and make more money, faster, by avoiding those mistakes in his first online business venture.

Whether you've already started Amazon FBA or are simply looking for the next quickest way to make money online, really listen to Kyle's interview above.

What he is saying is not rocket science.

It's the same reason great athletes are successful.

They had great coaches.

If it was just me typing that it would seem arrogant.  But watch the video above, Kyle said it enough for both of us! :)

Kale Abrahamson

Kale helps people start and grow successful Amazon Businesses. He is an expert at helping people get their business started and making money quickly and efficiently.
If you're interested in starting your own Amazon FBA Business or scaling up and growing past 6 figures then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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