CRITICAL question for aspiring and existing Amazon sellers who are READY to scale up to 250k+/year:

CRITICAL question for aspiring and existing Amazon sellers who are READY to scale up to 250k+/year:

In case you’re thinking it… 

It’s NOT to get as many 5-star reviews as possible.

Or to get your product ranked on the first page of listings. 

Or even to source the best quality products at the highest margins. 

‘Cause while these just might be the extra firepower you need to multiply your sales… they’re not *the thing* that will keep your profit-generating machine firing at full tilt. 

The thing is:

Unless you’ve designed your business to handle massive scale, without you having to babysit EVERY SINGLE stage of the process…

Your idea of freedom will become nothing but a fading memory -- a distant dream you once had…

Because you’ll have to burn your body to a charcoaled crisp JUST to turn a pocket-sized profit. 

Here’s why you NEED a scalable business with STAYING POWER...
Here’s why you NEED a scalable business with STAYING POWER...
You’ve probably heard that the best way to leverage your time is to sell a product, one that customers can buy from you over and over again.

So, you start your Amazon FBA journey pumped all the way up, and with every expectation that you’ll at least replace your 9-5 income. 

You watch A TON of Youtube videos, follow the hot shot Amazon gurus who appear to be raking in the most dough…  

All the while, never knowing who’s legit or not… who’s got your best interest at heart or not… and what ‘magic bullet’ strategy will work this time around.

But STILL, you manage to get through the first phase...

After weeks (possibly months) of research, you select your product. Source it. And put in hundreds of hours to get it to market. 

It’s about time these sales come rollin’ in, right?
HUNDREDS of folks -- less skilled, less dedicated, and with less integrity than you -- are milking this ‘Amazon FBA thing’ for all it’s worth… 
Is there any reason you shouldn’t be doing the same?
Having built a multiple 7-figure Amazon business in a few short months, here’s how we see it:

✔️ If you’re going to leverage your most critical resource -- your time… 
You deserve to put it into something that is guaranteed to pay off, not just today, or      tomorrow, but years down the line. 

✔️ If you’re going to entrust someone to instruct you on the right path…
You have EVERY right to expect the people who call themselves teachers, coaches, and mentors to know EXACTLY what they’re talking about. To have the most up-to-date, “what will move the needle for me now” kinda information. And they sure as heck should have accomplished it themselves. 

✔️AND, if you’re going to hinge your financial freedom and the wellbeing of your loved ones on a business plan… 
You should at the very least have a proven, end-to-end, and up-to-date process that will get you RESULTS without the costly mistakes, time-suck, and stress. 

The ‘Make or Break’ Question You Should 
Be Asking....
Ever stop to wonder why some people seem to profit on Amazon almost effortlessly, while others can’t even get one unit sold?

Is it their product? 

Is it their PPC strategy?

Is it their systems?

Because in reality, it’s entirely possible to…
Easily validate the viability of your business before you press GO (so you don’t waste any time on a plan destined to flop)

→Start profiting on Amazon well within 30 days of hitting the ground running

→Select a product (or products) GUARANTEED to sell like crazy

→Source a TOP NOTCH product from a respected manufacturer at a low cost

→Land legitimate reviews from customers who are passionate about your product 

→Magnetize the kind of customers that will buy from you time and time again

Consistently sell out so you never have excess inventory collecting dust in a garage 

→Build an insanely profitable Amazon FBA business that keeps profiting with or without you there to babysit it
And all this is possible whether you’re brand spanking new to this game, you’ve started from scratch multiple times over, or you’ve already made good headway. 

...BUT it entirely hinges on your ability to take a clear cut, battle tested, fail-proof path.
A proven path much like the one we'll walk you through in our signature Amazon Success Formula...
with Kale Abrahamson + Taylor Hiott
Nine University in the most end-to-end, up-to-date, and straightforward implementation system that walks you through how to start and scale an insanely profitable Amazon FBA business (in as little time as possible).
3 Core Elements...
...each engineered to give you the most powerful and potent learning experience
"It's VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE NOT TO SUCCEED WITH FBA IF YOU'RE A Nine University student and you have the drive."
 - Nick Nebula (now selling 130k Per Month) 
Here’s a breakdown of the content schedule:
Week One - The Foundational Bedrock of Amazon FBA

Week Two - 7 Figure Product / Brand Research

Week Three - Crafting the Perfect Product with an Elite Supplier

Week Four - Shipping to Amazon Without Hassle

Week Five - Creating a Listing that Sells on Autopilot

Week Six - Going from “A” Product to “THE” Product

Week Seven - Elite PPC Launching + Robotic Growth
To help speed up and amplify your results
Coupled with the training program, that’s a total value of $15,373!
But that’s not nearly the price of your enrollment TODAY…
Nine University Offers ALL Our 7-Figure Secrets...
Without the costly mistakes
Without the time-suck
At ⅛ of the total every-day value!


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When you enroll today, you’ll be backed by our trusty 15-day money back guarantee...
If you’re hesitant to take the plunge… 

Know that our program has 500+ reviews that bear testament to the results we generate

But more importantly, your satisfaction is GUARANTEED. 

Take 2 whole weeks to test drive this program. Consume the content, take action, and if you STILL don’t source a product in a market that’s worth at least 5K, you will receive a FULL, IMMEDIATE refund. 

No. Questions. Asked.


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→Q1. Will this work for me and how can I be sure?

We’re not the kind of guys who’ve graduated from DOING Amazon to solely TEACHING it… 

We’re practitioners first. Teachers second. 

And every. single. thing. we teach is battle-tested, not just by us, but by the hundreds of students who’ve gone through the program… 

...from our signature 7/7 methodology you’ll use to select the most profitable product, to the little-known hacks you’ll use to get ranked on the first page… all the way to the marketing strategies you’ll use to SELL OUT your product. 

Put simply: if you follow the playbook as we’ve laid it out for you, you will get your desired result. 

→Q2. Why does it cost $1997? 

We acknowledge there are people who may not have $1997 to drop on the right information.

But we’re not selling information. We’re not selling strategies. We’re selling an OUTCOME. 

You will learn how to start and scale a hyper-profitable Amazon FBA business in half the time it would take the average person. 

If your profit-potential was 10… 15… 20… or even 130K per month, would you still consider it to be expensive?

Because that’s what’s at stake here. 

→Q3. Is this program suited for ALL Amazon platforms?

Absolutely! Whether you use the US version or an international one, the strategies will work for you. The Amazon ecosystem functions the same no matter where in the world you’re from. 

→Q4. Will it take any additional expense to set up the business? 

Yes. You will need some start up capital to frontload some of your initial expenses, like inventory. But it doesn’t take much at all. 

AND as you’ll find out in the program, I did not have any upfront cash when I started.

So if you’re wondering, “what if I don’t have any money to cover the initial set up?”

There’s a way, and it’s covered in the very first module of Nine University -- I will show you EXACTLY what I did to get started without any cash at hand.  

→Q5. How much time will this take out of my life? 

This is a self-paced program. You can spend as little or as much time as you want on it, as long as you do the work.

I’d say at a minimum, you should be willing to invest 4 hours per week. Your family or current job will not be affected -- the few hours of focused work can be handled in your spare time. 

→Q6. What if I’ve already achieved some success? Is it worth it?

YES! It doesn’t matter if you’re starting at zero or if you’re already making 5 figures per month, this program was designed for you. 

We’ll give you strategies to optimize what you’ve already done, and to tap into the areas you didn’t even know you needed to work on. 

→Q7. What does the mentorship and coaching include? 

You have complete, unfettered access to two people who are driven to help you succeed. 

From weekly live Q&As, to bullet coaching in the Facebook community, to exclusive email access… 

You will receive the personalized, 1:1 support you need to succeed in as little time as possible.

Enroll in Nine University Today!


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