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What our students have to say...
"They live up to their BOLD CLAIM.  Their course pays for itself many times over". - Christian Hill
 ""After enrolling in Nine University, my first product exploded. Not literally, but in sales. I'm doing $27,000 per month after 4 weeks..." - Aaron Kim
"It is VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE NOT TO SUCCEED WITH FBA IF YOU'RE A KT9 STUDENT and you have the drive." - Nick Nebula (now selling 130k Per Month)
"You are disrupting the space honorably with integrity:) Keep up the excellence!" - Dannielle Oviedo
4.94 Stars - 454 Ratings
What's New in 2.0?
Short Answer? EVERYTHING
EXCLUSIVE Partnership with Boost Nine - the Supercar of Amazon FBA Software
($5,997 Value)
✔️ Completely Overhauled Product Research Section
 - The ONLY students with direct access behind the curtain of the most cutting edge product research software on the market. 
 - NEVER source a bad product again.
 - Rest easy knowing that you have selected a product that can change your life for the better.
✔️ Taking Your Supercar OFF-ROAD
- How to use Boost Nine to SUPERCHARGE your PPC campaigns and Supplier Negotiation Strategy
✔️ Student Only Discounts + Feature Additions
- 2.0 Students Get Exlusive Boost Nine Discounts from the software itself, to merch, to everything in between
- Students give real time feedback to software developers and ad features in real time
Exclusive Partnership With Honey Badger Boost
The Most Badass Amazon Growth Platform on the Internet
($5,997 Value)
✔️ BRAND NEW Photography Strategy
 - Know AHEAD OF TIME what photos your product NEEDS to succeed.  Source your products with the end outcome in mind. 
 - Work directly with HBB's team from STEP 1 of the Amazon Process all the way through SCALE
 - All 2.0 Students Receive 15% off LIFETIME DISCOUNTS to EVERYTHING Honey Badger Boost
✔️ THE listing experts, at your service
 - HBB has handcrafted THOUSANDS of successful Amazon listings.  2.0 includes brand new training on how to optimize your listing to rank based on the results of thousands of recent tests.
- Don't want to write your own listing?  HBB will co-write it with you!
($19,997 Value)
 - Struggling to get Amazon Reviews in Q4 2018?  We know.  We COMPLETELY updated this section with ALL of the up-to-date strategies that 8 figure sellers are using to get reviews NOW. 
- By far the most comprehensive review module ON THE MARKET
 - Completely redone to QUADRUPLE your Amazon Ranking. 
As giveaways get more and more difficult, PPC becomes more and more important.
- The best PPC strategy on the market just got a turbocharger...
 - Want to sell on Amazon FBA from anywhere in the world OTHER than the USA?  It just got a LOT easier...
- Get UNLIMITED Storage
- Actually get HELP from Seller Central Support
- AVOID HUGE Seller Central Mistakes
 - The quickest ways to find INSANE ROI products
- The quickest ways to MAKE SURE that those high ROI products will ACTUALLY SELL
- By far the most in depth product research module on the market
 - Stop paying so much for your products
- Increase your margins by 100% INSTANTLY with BRAND NEW negotiation strategies.
- Wait, I can source from USA manufacturers? 
 - Amazon changed the algorithm, how do I index?
- How do I rank my keywords? 
- BRAND NEW software and methods to increase sales
 - Want to double your clicks, opens, and engagements on emails to customers?
- Want to get reviews on autopilot?
- Want to stop bombarding people AFTER they've given you a review? 
 - How to launch your products with facebook ads
 - How to drive unlimited traffic to your products
 - How to get unlimited reviews on autopilot (advanced)
What's still included from 1.0!
✔️ ($4,987 Value) Nine University LIFETIME Access + Constant Updates 
Exclusive access to the best Amazon FBA course on the planet (which is really a combination of the best 7-10 courses out there + ALL of our knowledge). This is an insane value and is CONSTANTLY updated with CURRENT Amazon growth hacks, tricks, and techniques.

✔️($4,467 Value) Mentoring Program Masterclass 
2 mentors who ACTUALLY CARE about you. Full, 100% access to us. We will walk you through step by step the entire way. It's simple, you need a mentor, and you need one who is good, and responsive. Don't do this journey alone. 

✔️($2,096 Value) Trade Secret Private Facebook Group of Top Sellers 
Instant answers to all of your questions. A community of people doing the exact same thing as you at the same time. Lifelong friends and business relationships. ALL of the newest hacks and trips dropped directly into this group, instantly. 

✔️($1,996 Value) Weekly Live Stream Q&A Sessions with Kale & Taylor 
WEEKLY KNOWLEDGE BOMBS. Everything two 7 figure business owners know about scaling and dominating dropped directly into your laps weekly, LIVE. Ask us anything, we are ready for it. 

✔️($997 Value) PRIVATE 1 on 1 Listing Evaluation by KT Nine: 
ONLY AVAILABLE to webinar attendees. We will personally look over your listing and make sure that it is ready for launch. Tweaks in this stage typically DOUBLE the sales as opposed to not doing the listing evaluation.  

✔️($2,124 Value) INSANE Bonus Section 30+ Marketing Masterclass Videos 
Could have (should have) been a separate course. So much value here that it is impossible to list. Don't believe us, check it out for yourself! We GUARANTEE you will be impressed. 
TOTAL VALUE = $50,485
Your Price = $1997
First 100 Students Only!  *Limit 1 Per Customer*
Joseph Barrera
I've never thought about it but if I had to say why I most likely went with you guys was due to your relatability... being 26 years old and wanting to become my own boss in the near future, I think I saw your stories as something relatable to my own which gave me hope that if I worked hard enough I can achieve all that you have thus far…
Bec Carole
So I chose to join the kt9 family after spending about 6 months watching every YouTube channel under the sun on FBA. From there you were dropping stuff no one else was really talking about- tips and tricks that was answering all the nitty gritty things that make the difference between success and failure like choosing a product with good Roi and even ppc tricks to see if a product is about to become saturated.  
I bit the bullet, and signed up to the course after good feedback, but also knowing from way too much YouTube absorbing time you guys knew what was happening and were giving fresh up to date advice on fba.
Brian Snoddy
I signed up to be a Nine University student mainly for the mentorship. There are so many questions when starting FBA. To succeed I knew I would need someone that would take the time to answer my questions and also have the most current information available. I now have TWO mentors Kale and Taylor that both genuinely care and want to see us all reach our goals. 
My first product has just reached Amazon's warehouse and I opted to have Honey Badger Boost optimize my listing and take my pictures (which were amazing). I know there is much more work to get my product on top and selling well but I feel I have a couple of great people in my corner to help me succeed!

Chris Burger
There is literally TOO much information out there, leaving me with 'analysis paralysis' when looking for guidance.,, But Kale and Taylor make ALL of their content so relatable, easy to understand and implement. Plus they are overall just great individuals; I was looking for true mentorship and these guys were the ONLY ONES (out of all of the other 'gurus') awesome enough to respond to me, answering many questions(and quickly!), before I ended up getting into the program! THAT is what convinced me that NineU is the place to be!

"If you are considering Nine U and/or other courses...DON'T waste time like me analyzing everything and GET NINE U NOW! It's far better what you'll find in other 'courses' in so many ways."

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