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February 2019 UPDATE!!
Joshua Just Cracked 20k!
Josh Corbett Decided to do a Poll.. 
These were the initial results!
Gary is at $19,210 Per Month!
Wes is nearing 10k per month and his WIFE QUIT HER JOB!
Ben sells 20 units a DAY and 13k PER MONTH
Ron makes $7,300 PER MONTH!
Kylee's BAD DAYS are 1.5k Per Day...
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Joseph Barrera
I've never thought about it but if I had to say why I most likely went with you guys was due to your relatability... being 26 years old and wanting to become my own boss in the near future, I think I saw your stories as something relatable to my own which gave me hope that if I worked hard enough I can achieve all that you have thus far…
Bec Carole
So I chose to join the kt9 family after spending about 6 months watching every YouTube channel under the sun on FBA. From there you were dropping stuff no one else was really talking about- tips and tricks that was answering all the nitty gritty things that make the difference between success and failure like choosing a product with good Roi and even ppc tricks to see if a product is about to become saturated.  
I bit the bullet, and signed up to the course after good feedback, but also knowing from way too much YouTube absorbing time you guys knew what was happening and were giving fresh up to date advice on fba.
Brian Snoddy
I signed up to be a Nine University student mainly for the mentorship. There are so many questions when starting FBA. To succeed I knew I would need someone that would take the time to answer my questions and also have the most current information available. I now have TWO mentors Kale and Taylor that both genuinely care and want to see us all reach our goals. 
My first product has just reached Amazon's warehouse and I opted to have Honey Badger Boost optimize my listing and take my pictures (which were amazing). I know there is much more work to get my product on top and selling well but I feel I have a couple of great people in my corner to help me succeed!
Chris Burger
There is literally TOO much information out there, leaving me with 'analysis paralysis' when looking for guidance.,, But Kale and Taylor make ALL of their content so relatable, easy to understand and implement. Plus they are overall just great individuals; I was looking for true mentorship and these guys were the ONLY ONES (out of all of the other 'gurus') awesome enough to respond to me, answering many questions(and quickly!), before I ended up getting into the program! THAT is what convinced me that NineU is the place to be!

"If you are considering Nine U and/or other courses...DON'T waste time like me analyzing everything and GET NINE U NOW! It's far better what you'll find in other 'courses' in so many ways."
"CRUSHING IT" all the way from LONDON, U.K.!
💸 Started a $1,000,000 per year Amazon FBA Business in 6 months 💸
HOPELESS to thriving and pushing 30k per month 💸
Manuel Garcia
Hello kale the reason i chosed nine university is because i see alot of potential in both of you and yall do this to help people out not like other gurus that only do it for the money yall put alot of effort on what yall are doing.ive been in yalls course for a couple of months now and ive seen that yall do care about us and that yall will never abandon us yall going to be there in our difficult times to guide us and help us i thank yall for that

Dannielle Oviedo
I would tell a friend that I really respect your integrity. When I first came upon your channel I had already purchased 2 FBA courses. I was still looking for more information. Admittedly, in your early videos I thought "who are these young bloods?". But I was won over early by your knowledge and willingness to share key information. You both have really ramped up your business extremely fast. VERY IMPRESSIVE! I suspect next is some type of software release;) Can't wait. When I come across anyone wanting to start FBA I will definitely point them in the right direction HBB!
You are disrupting the space honorably with integrity:) Keep up the excellence!

Anelys Gonzalez
I chose your course because you explained the FBA business in such a detailed way in your YouTube channel, that i thought “ so , the course should be mindblowing!” And i don’t regret even a dime spent on your course!!! Also, because before i bought the course, you answered a couple of important questions to me, so i realized that your mentorship was excellent and for real. 
Thank you Kale and Taylor!

Mike Babler
I wish I could give you the reason that I picked your program, but I can't. It's a gut feeling that I have about the both of you and usually my gut is right when I feel it telling me to do so. You've both worked very hard to help others and that is what I'm trying to do with my life and want to hang around people of like minds. I'm older and don't have all the tech savvy that most young people do but I am willing to listen and grow!

💸 $27,000 PER MONTH on his FIRST PRODUCT in 3 WEEKS 💸
Joe Kowski
There are many reasons why I chose KT9 out of the myriad of Amazon seller training systems and support groups + mentors. 
First reason is how genuine and real they are. They don’t put on airs or overtly show off even though they are successful. Instead they share what they have learned and improve on it and explain it in awesome detail in a way that is very easy to understand. 
Second. They’ve been there and done that. It’s one thing to broadcast knowledge. It’s another thing to broadcast it after being there and doing it. KT9 come from this perspective. You can sense and see it in their vids. 
Third. Kale and Taylor are constantly growing, increasing their skill set, and teaching it to others. The last thing I want are stagnant mentors who ride a flat line and don’t grow. Kale and Taylor are always coming out with new ways to up their game and, in turn, up my game. 
I’m glad our paths have crossed and can’t wait to see what good will come from it! 

Jeffry William
I choose to join the 9U course because you guys offer mentorship to your students. Such a great offering is more than enough for me to decide to go on with you. Another consideration is the method you teach is with approach not to throw away failed listing for example. Your approach is make it work instead of change products. At least this is what I listen when I watch your video. 
Kiran Deshmukh
HI kale and Tailor
I have been with ASM since last November. looking some success in amazon FBA. But thing wasn't great.
I spent my Money, Time, energy. But I was Unsuccessful. I watch your videos about Amazon FBA Yoy guys look more Up to date and transparent. I am still not successful but I am confident that with your help I will create $100,000 FBA bussiness within next year.

Keri Lewis
You guys are the most engaging thing happening in this internet Amazon training space. This is a serious business and so we have serious people training on UTube They tell you they are excited about what they are about to teach you and may get a little animated and they then teach you some great content ( Kevin David a good example ) but they DO NOT entertain. You guys are the funniest thing since sliced bread ( That’s an Aussie saying for Your the best thing to happen in a long time) You grab our attention make us laugh with all your antics and tell us that you are real characters who have found something that every ordinary person can do. 

Love everything about the academy and the way it is presented. 

💰 ALREADY doing $500k per year... planning on DOUBLING that with Nine U 💰
Joshua Mallen
Joshua Mallen
DJ Allen
I chose Nine University after being with Taylor and Kale in another course. They were featured on a livestream on how they were doing $40k a month and it literally blew my mind. How can I achieve this same success? From watching them start making videos on Facebook to moving onto YouTube, it's like you're growing with them. They learn something new, they put it on their channel to help out others. I found so much value in what they were saying on YouTube, along with the fact that I knew for certain that they actually were doing the work, not just lying about it for show, it was an absolute no-brainer to jump at the opportunity of being mentored by two guys who actually seem like real everyday people. No extra sparkles, no huge hype, no douchebag Lambo's needed to draw you in and sell you a dream, just two guys who grind so hard to provide real value to their students. I 100% would not be where I am today in Amazon FBA without the mentorship of Taylor and Kale, not even close. 

Ryan Suitts
I chose to go with the nine fam because y’all didn’t show off with cars and cool stuff. Y’all put y’alls money back to work reinvesting it to grow bigger and that showed me that y’all are smarter and I would actually learn something from y’all! You and Taylor care about teaching not just in it for the money! I feel like you and Taylor get more out of life helping others out than some car or big house! Yall are freakin awesome too! Y’all Tell it how it is! Im moving a little slower on my amazon business that I would like but I WILL get there! Thanks for everything!! 
From Your Lineman from Texas Ryan!! 
Ps my girlfriend loves Pittsburgh so when we take a vacation there one day I would like to meet up one day! Thanks again! 

Eddie Shidlovskiy
You guys have an amazing vibe,Positivity, Love, Peace besides ALL the knowledge!!! You have God in your messages, I know my answers will be a little bit different, but I'm a Believer and I believe in God!! 

So when I saw you first time guys it was like an instant connection RIGHT AWAY!! And I thank God for ppl like you because you make The Change!!

And I will finish the way Kale always talk...I love you guys, you're so amazing!!!
Mateo Ara
So I was wondering around the sea of information about Amazon FBA on the internet and I stumbled upon two young guys who’s energy and carisma clicked immediately. I chosed Nine university because I identified with these two young and hungry entrepreneurs who I could tell they were the real deal and didn’t had second thoughts!!! 

Larry Says "JUST DO IT"
Peggy in Selling from Canada!
In few words I choose Nine University, because they really know how is going the market and they teach you based on their own experience.
There are a lot of guru, that say what to do but just because they read somewhere and maybe did some research, but after that they really don’t know how to apply what they teach you.
Here there is the big difference between Nine U and others.

Emily Her
1. You guys are serious on what you do.
2. You guys give out amazing infos, hacks and techniques.
3. Ya'll are very passionate about helping others.
4. You guys always try to make things easier for us.
5. Ya'll personalties are great!
6. You guys will keep responding and helping us personally. 
7. Ya'll being yourselves.
8. And ya'll are real basically. 

Barry McFerren
I chose NineU and HBB because you guys are cutting edge, on top of your game and provide current, top shelf content. 

It’s that simple. 

Ron Taylor
When I first got involved with Amazon I made a very bad choice with who I chose to use as a coach it was a very very costly mistake. I took a little more time in choosing Nine U. There's a lot of great information that I have gone back to time and time again.

Kale and Taylor, 
I chose you guys cause your currently doing what your teaching in your courses. You guys are teaching the correct way of doing things, so I won’t waste money on trail and error methods. You guys are just normal guys like myself that I can relate to, so between your guys personalities and knowledge. I has provided me the ability to like and trust you guys. I genuinely feel like you have everyone’s best interest in mind and want everyone to succeed. 

Ashif Tenjani
Here are my 3 reasons why.
1) Both you guys are soooooo cute especially Taylor.

 2) You are both hilarious on video. More on the NUTTY side.

3) Looks like you need some financial assistance so, I thought I should invest in your business.

Ignore my first response. I was just kidding.
So the reasons why I joined your company.
1. You two seemed authentic and I felt like I could trust you both. Trust and Integrity is very important in any relationship.
2. You are having fun in what you are doing. I like that. And it comes across in your message.
3. You are successful in what your preaching. I feel that if you can do this business then, with proper guidance and knowledge, I can too.

Alexander Lee
For me it was the feeling that you and Taylor both genuinely want to see others succeed and this shows in your willingness to answer a lot of questions that I had even before I had even become a NineU member or bought anything from Honey Badger. The fact that you would take the time to chat back and forth when you really didn't' have to meant a lot. And I feel that you guys are both very honest and transparent which is hard to find in the online realm.

When I first discovered Kale and Taylor I noticed how real and down to earth they seemed and how recently they had built up their huge amazon business! I thought they must have been able to cut through any nonsense and figured out what works and what doesn’t!! This is something I think everyone wants to duplicate!!

Trevor Malloy
For me it was the feeling that you and Taylor both genuinely want to see others succeed and this shows in your willingness to answer a lot of questions that I had even before I had even become a NineU member or bought anything from Honey Badger. The fact that you would take the time to chat back and forth when you really didn't' have to meant a lot. And I feel that you guys are both very honest and transparent which is hard to find in the online realm.

Success Affecting REAL FAMILIES!
Tony's Honest Review!
A Cop Reviews Nine U!
You've got a new review by nick andreala on Nine University's Bachelor Program! 
Title: Amazballs! It is virtually impossible to not succeed with FBA after following this course!

Comment: This review is kind of long but read the whole thing, it will literally CHANGE YOUR LIFE. I've been an FBA seller for approx. 4 months and I'm making 50k in revenue with a 50% profit margin. It took about 4 months of spending every spare minute not at work or sleeping to learn about amazon FBA and get started. Kale praised my initial success but at the same time convinced me that there was still more to learn and that i would find value in KT9, he was right! I almost doubled my revenue by tweaking my listing with the information provided in the course, its paid for itself many times over. With KT9 you're getting 2 gurus for the price of 1, both with their own stills, knowledge, and ambitions, working closely together to elevate themselves and their students at an amazing rate, constantly updating their content with the newest and greatest, bringing students more value basically daily. KT9 is laid out step by step by step in modules of thorough, concise and entertaining videos explaining exactly how to FBA with tons of bonus content and "hacks" to to turbo charge your FBA. It is VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE NOT TO SUCCEED WITH FBA IF YOURE A KT9 STUDENT and you have the drive, if you do, lets be real, you really just suck at life. Look, if youre reading this youre wondering if you should spend just under a grand on an FBA course. I wondered the same thing and decided to do it myself for 4 months and still didn't obtain all the knowledge in this course. If I were to have purchased KT 9 from the get, I would have up in running in 1 month instead of 4 months, that means I WASTED 3 MONTHS NOT SELLING. You remember i said I make 50k a month right? That 50k a month x3…. $150,000 dollars I miss out on, $74,000 in profit I forfeited because I was skeptical about spending $947..... that is F@*#ing disgusting guys, it literally makes me sick thinking about it... I've spend 4 times that much on BS college classes that still to this day have ZERO ROI... Guys, this is the best FBA course on the internet, theres guys are cutting edge offering you incredible value continuously for a price that is literally a F@$#ING joke compare to the ROI it will achieve. Kale and Taylor are in their office the majority of almost every day, grinding and learning new knowledge, skills and techniques to bring their students, they’re not lounging around on a beach, buying lambos, riding their motorcycle in the Arizona desert, renting properties in LA, ETC.. no, they’re grinding in the office, they are grindy AF! This isn't the time to pinch pennies because the longer you wait, the more time you spend trying to figure it out yourself, THE MORE MONEY YOU ARE LOSING! Don't be like me and lost out on $75K because you didnt want to spend 1k 4 months earlier. Theres no excuse, if you dont have the money to buy now, watch their youtube videos on how to make money with no money online. Get paypal credit 6 months interest free. DO IT! And then you can find me in the private FB group and thank me after 😉 P.S. This review is not affiliated or incentivized in any way WHATSOEVER, its written out of pure appreciation, gratitude and admiration for KT9 and what they have done for my business. Thank you Kale and Taylor.

Rated 5 out of 5

Raising a kid + a full-time job + Nine U and Amazon FBA?! NO PROBLEM.
Can you do this from Malaysia?? Amir says "YEP!"
LIFELONG entrepreneur starts his best business yet with Nine U! 
If you aren't convinced yet we don't really know what else to say... this page grows by the DAY!  Will you be next??!
See you in the U!
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