How TO MAKE $4,500 A MONTH WITH AMAZON FBA || How Kyle Did It 
Written by Kale Abrahamson on February 14th 2019
How did Kyle get to $4500 PER MONTH in just 3 weeks selling on Amazon FBA?  We will let him tell you....
How to make $50,000 per month selling on Amazon FBA - Question & Answer with Joseph and Kylee
Written by Kale Abrahamson on February 8th 2019
Joseph and Kylee started working with Kale nearly 2 years ago when he was a business consultant at Duquesne University.  Fast forward to now and they are doing...
How Nick Makes $134,523 a MONTH 💸 Amazon FBA Success Story [2019]
Written by Taylor Hiott on Feb 1, 2019
So how did he do it? The 135k man?!

It was pretty simple, honestly. 
How Joshua Mallen makes $20,000 per month PLUS selling on Amazon FBA with KT V.I.P.
Written by Kale Abrahamson on January 30th, 2019
Let me just talk about this man Joshua Mallen for a quick second.

My man is a BEAST.